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Video Games and Digital Media Development School

ESAT is a Video Game and Digital Media Development School that provides higher education qualifications specialized in digital content, recently awarded as the best Video Games School in Spain, 4th in Europe and 7th in the world by GAMEducation (USA) in 2023. Student projects winners of the GDWC 2022 (the most prestigious global competition for video game development). ESAT delivers since 2006 Level 5 Higher Education Qualifications HND in "Art for Video Games", "Video Game Programming", "Video Game Design" and "Art and Digital Interactive Design" (UX-UI- Digital Interactive Design - Full Stack Designer), which give you academic progression to Bachelor's Degree studies at leading universities in the UK, USA, Canadá and the EU, with advanced progression to final year (top up year). Its campus is located in the centre of Valencia (Spain) around its headquarters housed in a unique 18th century building in the Barrio del Carmen, in the heart of Valencia, Spain, consisting of 6 sites covering a total of 1,500 square metres, allowing students to study in an environment where teamwork is encouraged. A student-oriented school, with a high-performance career plan that gives access to work on large triple A projects in international companies.

Countries: Spain

Location: Online Campus

Industries: 2D Animation 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration Product Visualisation Motion Graphics Immersive Media Graphic Design Web Design & Development

Software: 3ds Max Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Substance 3D Painter Adobe Substance Designer Autodesk Maya Blender Figma Marmoset Toolbag Marvelous Designer PureRef Unreal Engine xNormal ZBrush

Programs: Degree Diploma Masters Short Course

Certifications: Autodesk Trainer Unreal Academic Partner Unreal Authorized Training Center


Eva Fernández Valero
Erik López Arias
Paula Aja Gonzalo
Ana Climent



With our Video Game Art degree you will learn everything you need to become a video game artist. This work is as complex as the work of any digital artist , but with the aggravating factor of being an interactive product that works with the minimum amount of available resources, which complicates the creative process. The courses in the Video Game Art career will turn you into a professional who brings together different types of talent and is highly specialized in specific areas. A high-end video game can have a large number of characters, environments, animations and a multitude of technical challenges to face. By studying digital art for video games you will be able to maintain at all times a very high quality standard and a more careful and polished aesthetic within the artistic style of each project.


Our Video Game Programming is a complete study program focused on training professional developers and technology experts for the video game programming industry. Taking our degree to learn how to program video games gives you the option of joining the final year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Honors at British Universities, or joining development teams at international and national video game production companies. The first course of our Video Game Programming degree is an intensive course on Information Technologies and the technological base for video games, which serves as a prologue and introduction to the more advanced programming subjects studied in subsequent courses. During the second and third courses you will delve into subjects related to video game development: production area (project management and teamwork), game design area and programming area.


With our Video Game Design degree you will become a professional trained to conceptualize and design video games. The job of a video game designer is to describe and specify the basic concepts of an idea and ensure that it is faithfully developed by the team. You will also be in charge of guiding the different work teams within the company and directing them in a single direction to ensure the coherence and level of quality of the final product. Likewise, the video game design department is responsible for supervising the usability of the product as well as planning the gaming environment to make the most of the mechanics and systems that make up the final product.


Our Art and Design degree (HND in Art & Design) is a modern program that merges knowledge, skills and competencies in Graphic Design , Illustration, Video production and Web Design with its adaptation to new interactive media. As a student you will acquire all the necessary knowledge to function with ease in the fields of Corporate Identity, Editorial Design, Illustration, Web Design, Interactive Applications for all types of devices, Typography, Photography, Synthesis Image, Video production, Audiovisual Graphics and 2D and 3D animation.

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