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BRAINSTORM SCHOOL is an online concept art, design and illustration program focused on artistic development. Students from around the world gather to learn & develop in our friendly online community. All of our courses are guided by industry professionals, teaching current design and art techniques used in today's entertainment industry. What’s right for you… Brainstorm School offers a full learning experience for beginners to seasoned professionals. We offer foundation classes, digital painting and design courses focused around Character, Environment and Prop Design. Perfect for a student that is looking to sharpen their skills, whether you are applying for art schools, leveling up your portfolio or interested in learning new design What to expect... Expect to have a tremendous learning experience. Our community and school culture are supportive and friendly.

Location: Online

Industries: 2D Animation 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration

Software: 3DCoat Adobe Photoshop Blender Unreal Engine

Programs: Short Course



A true mentorship experience! Our lineup of core mentors will guide you along a full 12-week intensive program that will be 100% personalized to you! They will work with you to plan around your goals, needs, and expectations. You will meet with your mentor weekly for private sessions to review your learning plan and how you are pacing towards your desired goals. The most intensive way to level up your art, soft and professional skills.


The most popular learning option. A 10-week course focused in a particular subject matter or hyper focused bootcamps 5-8weeks. Lectures, Demos, Homework and Feedback are key components that make classes a great way to learn. Class sizes range from 10-20 students


A 5-weeks cost effective course structured to deliver focused information & techniques. Classed are LIVE and will showcase demonstrations and lecture ONLY. No feedback will be provided. There is a private discord and students are assigned self-studies and encouraged for peer-to-peer feedback.


One day affordable demonstrations by some of the worlds leading artist

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Choosing an art school is a big decision so make sure to take some time and do your research. Follow the links below to learn more about the school, talk directly with administrations teams, or even chat with students right now.