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Best Creative Media & Entertainment

Schools in the World 2017


Official Categories

The Best Creative Media & Entertainment Schools in the World 2017 is based on the quality and performance of student work that is submitted to our judging panel between March 2017 – May 2017.

We feel that traditional school rankings – that include peer and employer reviews, faculty-to-student ratio, citations and other data – are not adequate when ranking the best creative schools. This might work in industries with more traditional career paths, however, when it comes to technical and creative roles, such as Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Games, it’s a lot more complicated.

Based on the results of student submissions we received this year we have released the following in-depth breakdowns about the Best Creative Media & Entertainment Schools in the World.

Please note that some categories have been excluded as we don’t feel there was a diverse enough dataset to analyse.


Best schools for learning to create 3D and 2D animation for animated feature film, television, and advertising.

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Best schools for learning to create illustrations and concept art for film, games, scientific visualisation and narrative.

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Motion Graphics

Best schools for learning to create video projects, animated still images, or live action with graphics.

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Next-Gen Gaming

Best schools for learning to create video game based content for console systems, web platforms, and mobile devices.

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Visual Effects

Best schools for learning to create realistic live action visual effects for film, television and advertisements.

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Download detailed 2017 School Rankings Report

Student Analytics

The charts below provide a small insight into the demographics and performance of students that participated this year. From the data collected we can see that creative careers are most popular for males aged between 18-24 years old. It’s also of interest to see that the United States and United Kingdom make up the largest number of students pursuing a career in these creative fields.


The School of the Year Report is of relevance to both students and tutors, studios and recruiters. It has been produced to assist and enable prospective students to find a school that is best suited to their desired career path.

The report includes a detailed breakdown of all the data collected from student submissions for 2017. Included inside a further breakdowns and additional ranking for other schools that participated. We hope this report will help ensure schools continue to push their curriculums to the edge and to guide students in demonstrating learnt skills that are perfectly matched to the requirements of production.

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