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A little bit of information about our school.

ArtFX is a private digital arts college, training its students in CGI, VFX, 3D Animation and Video Games. Located in Montpellier (France), the school was created by professionals of the film, video games and visual effects industries.

As the only school in Europe specializing in compositing CGI into live-action footage, ArtFX is a reference for CGI and CG animation training. At ArtFx you will develop professional level skills and build a solid network of contacts thanks to our close partnerships with professional artists. Thanks to these connections our graduates also have a 99% placement rate in major post-production studios within France and around the world.

As a private establishment of higher education technical training, ArtFx is a member and co-founder of the Network of French Film Animation Schools (RECA), governed by CNC and AFCA.


Popular Courses

Listed below are a few of our courses we offer at ArtFX. To find out more detailed information simply click on any of the links.
Digital Director (MA degree equivalent)

5 YEAR PROGRAM MASTER’S DEGREE equivalent 3 SPECIALIZATIONS: VISUAL EFFECTS (VFX), 3D ANIMATION, CGI Through this comprehensive training program, advanced technical and artistic skills are acquired. The first two years...

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Video Games

5 YEAR PROGRAM 2 SPECIALIZATIONS: GAME DESIGN & GAME ART The Video Game section is a 5 year program. These are advanced courses designed to develop the highest level of...

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VFX & Game Programming

2 YEAR PROGRAM HIGHLY SKILLED TECHNICIANS SUPPORTING CREATIVITY The VFX / Video Game Programmer, also known as Technical Director, Pipeline TD, Cinema Developer, Tools Programmer or Engine Programmer, is one...

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School Gallery

This gallery includes media that showcases our school facilities, lifestyle, and amazing artwork created by our alumni and student's.

2018 Student Projects

The projects below are live examples submitted by students for The Rookies 2018.
Click on any of the projects to take a closer look at our student's amazing work.

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95 rue de la Galéra Montpellier, 34090 France

04 99 77 01 42

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