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Eden VR

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Created: March 07, 2018    POPULAR
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Eden is an olfactory VR experience created by a team at the Emergent Media Center of Champlain College. We partnered with local business (Alice and the Magician) in an attempt to weave olfactory feedback (via proprietary hardware) into a virtual reality experience. It was a great experience learning the ins and outs of VR and was a huge and rewarding challenge making everything perform well.

I worked with Yvonne Lee ( to create the environment for the experience. I was responsible for architecture, props, materials, lighting, post, and other bits and pieces on the technical end of the pipeline.

Shelving, Boxes, and Cloth by Yvonne Lee. I was responsible for tiling materials, lighting, and post in the back storage-room areas.

Standing Poster illustration by Lilian Vinson

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