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Art 360°

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Created: May 31, 2018    POPULAR
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"ART 360°" is a project which unites art and new technologies. We've recognised that this concept would entertaining and educational as well. Our goal was not only to create a few VR videos, but also to produce the identity and application.

The main idea of the project is to create an illusion of penetration into a piece of art. To achieve this effect we choose one or several works from the museum collection made by one artist. It is a modern interpretation of classic art. We specificly selected three artists with absolutely different styles to demonstrate all the possibilities of visualization in virtual reality, from abstraction to realism.

This is not just one video for the museum, this is the new application that unites museums from different countries. Due to the format of the application, users will be able to watch videos about artists and will become interested in museum's collections. The "Art 360°" is a chance to unite art  from all over the world.

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