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Tiger Tank

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Created: March 07, 2018    POPULAR
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My personal project, a model of Pz.Kpfw VI Ausf.H Tiger I. The main goal of this project was focusing on Maya Sub D Modeling for the cinematic pipeline. It took me about a month for modeling and a month for unwrapping UVs and texturing. The model itself is about 2 million faces but might be optimized as I modeled all unnecessary small elements like nails, bolts, and screws which might be replaced with displacement. Most of the time I spend on the topology of the model trying to use only quads, reduce the number of poles and keep a topology flow as clear as I could. Texturing was done completely in Substance Painter which was a big challenge for me due to a very high polycount and big numbers of UDIM tiles.  Look development is done completely with Redshift. I did not do any color adjustment, everything comes straight from Maya. I just use rsBokeh and rsPhotographicExposure nodes to make my rendering a little bit nicer.

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