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Chappie bust - Fan Art

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Created: March 07, 2018    POPULAR
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The "Chappie" movie was always one of my favorite ones and I had a lot of fun modeling this bust based on the concept of this incredible film. The main goal was to focus on studying production topology for hard surface and keeping my model as close as I could to the original version modeled by Jeff Tetzlaff and textured by Justin Holt who did such an incredible work which inspired me to do this fan art. I use this video as my main reference. It took me about a month to model and unwrap UVs and it consists of 1997 elements including pipes, hoses, and screws. For texturing I focused on Chappie damage state 04 that is a stage just after a POLICE scout was shot and Chappie's consciousness was installed into the damage scout and I spend about a week texturing this guy. Texturing is done in Substance Painter and I used Z-brush for making displacement maps for the TETRAVAAL text and for some damage as well. All rendering and look development are done with Redshift and Adobe Lightroom.

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  1. Stephen Davidson
    Stephen Davidson
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