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From September 2017 until Januari 2018 I did an internship at Digital Golem VFX in Schaerbeek, Brussels. I worked on several projects there, including multiple assignments from their client AB Inbev for their product Jupiler.*

Jupiler Morph
The Jupiler morph project was part of a compaign to promote Jupiler’s new branding and packaging. Their request was smooth a transition from the old can design (left) to the new one (right). I had some previous experience in After Effects so I did the full texture animation and this was then rendered in the existing 3D scene.
The final result is at the top of the project page, followed by some work in progress renders of the texture animation.

Jupiler 0.0
A few weeks after the morph project Jupiler also wanted to adjust the branding for their alcohol-free beer ‘Jupiler 0.0’. The goal was to recreate the existing commercial with the old can design. I worked on the following shot, here we wanted to leave the top of the can untouched but change it’s texture on the sides. My task here was matching the camera- and can animation to the original footage in Maya so we could rerender the outside of the can and compose it on top of the existing shot.

*More projects from my internship will be added to my portfolio later since they are not to be disclosed until after release.

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