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A myriad of bare-bones IP pitches and concept art for class projects, testing my ability to come up with, expand and discard ideas rapidly without having to worry about the limitations of personal project attachments.

A stretching of the creative muscles, perhaps.

NEON WAVE - A neo-noir sci-fi detective film or animation, utilising an extremely graphic neon blue/pink/purple colour scheme to produce a unique aesthetic that stands out and gives the world character. 

GODHUNTERS - An animated show, possibly with younger audiences and comedy in mind, centred around a group of wandering hunters who collect bounties placed on the heads of fallen gods. Each character is differentiated by their colour and silhouette archetype, which plays into how their characters would be portrayed episode to episode.

ARIDLANDS - Keyframes and environments for a potential game project (or novel), based on a desert scavenger planet that is home to the largest ship graveyard in the galaxy thanks to extreme gravitational pulls and magnetism that causes ships to crash. The player character would act as the sole survivor of such a crash, and have to integrate into the savage scavenger-tribes of the Aridlands. Quite similar in premise to something like Borderlands  - at least as far as the setting - but with a more serious tone and a focus on the tribal societies.

VOYAGER - Another simple idea, a space-oriented video game in the vein of Mass Effect, but with more of an emphasis on the exploration and traversal of worlds a la Uncharted, with the players taking on the roles of researchers and scientists uncovering strange obelisks and structures that predate all known life, and awaken something horrifying.

ASTERIX - As the name suggests, a relatively loose sci-fantasy re-imagining of the Asterix characters for a class assignment. My main idea was to really play up the contrast in size between Asterix and Obelix, until it got to a point where Obelix basically turned into a giant walking god with Asterix perched atop his shoulder. 

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