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Station 2A
1 x 4K texture set for the computer body

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A little scene I have arranged from my assets from 'Pathfinder', a project I was a part of on my second year.
Screen designs provided by Oliver Hopley (

'Pathfinder is the story of Colin Harwood awakening from stasis to begin his journey of solitude on the 2 year Pathfinder mission - a cartographic and terraforming expedition to the outskirts of habited space. His only company resides in Olivia's audio logs , his partner, as they arrive months later echoing the past as the distance between them is enveloped in 6 months apart. '

Team of 'Pathfinder':
Alec Thomas - Art Direction / Environment Art (
Callum Tweedie-Walker - Lead Environment Artist / Tech Artist (
Aleksandra Jankowska - Prop Artist / Environment Art
Annamarie Gray - Character Artist / Environment Art (
Jake Goode - Character Animator (

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