Mushroom Creature
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Mushroom Creature

Tobias Dietze
by toby96 on 12 Feb 2020

Mushroom Creature which I started concepting in my free Time, it setting is a Swampland Monster which lives in symbiosis with the Mushrooms growing on it. It is very slow / lethargic and preys on smaller prey with ambushes and poison.

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Update - 14 Feb 2020

working on adding muscle to arms, he may now look a bit buff but will change later as I want to mave more of a old aged feeling with some hanging skinn but still to a point muscular, the so called skinny muscles

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Update - 13 Feb 2020

now I work on his legs its a bit of frog and raptor foot anatomy combined with a skinny muscular human leg and also reworking a bit of the tail 

Update - 12 Feb 2020

This is my WIP of a Mushroom Creature I work on right now the concept of it is a Amphibian Monster which has a symbiotic realationship with the mushrooms growing on his body, his Enviroment is in a Swamp Region and I also wanted to give him a Dark Souls like feeling. 

RN I work on his Legs which I plan to change to a big portion to adapt it more to a Swamp enviromant as they are now.

For the final shot Im also thinking at some point Modeling a Showcase enviroment for it .... when I come at that point ^^' 

Always happy to get feedback, critic or other comments about it