PS4 Dual-Shock Wireless Game Controller

PS4 Dual-Shock Wireless Game Controller

Amber B.
by satansdog on 11 Feb 2020

PS4 Dual-Shock Wireless Game Controller 3D visualization 3D Modelled, textured, rendered in Cycles and Eevee, Blender 2.9

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Wanted to make something related to gaming and ended up making this, dual-shock ps4 wireless controller. It took a while since I had to learn new techniques to make the smooth geometry in it, the buttons and everything else was easy enough to do. I made procedural textures for all of it except buttons and the screen. I made it all separate to be able to be animated like the sticks and buttons being moved/pressed. I even made a 360 video on youtube at the end. I polished the model a bit afterwards and put it on sale on:

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