Frondeurs De Mode

Frondeurs De Mode

Chan Kai Hong
by kaihong6613 on 26 Mar 2019

Synopsis: It was the Neo-French Revolution in year 2789. The trio, Augustus, Maggie and The Mentor were Frondeurs (political rebels) who designed clothes and jewellery to disguise the spies and assassins’ identity in their dangerous missions.

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Augustus Leroy, the Fashion Designer. As the leader of a clandestine fashion design team, he was a man with perfectionistic standards.

Maggie Beaumont, the Hairstylist and Mr.Leroy's sidekick. She had a flirtatious personality and was good at persuading people.

The Mentor, the Jewellery Designer of Senegalese descent. Her true name remained unknown. Having more than 40 years of experience, she taught Augustus and Maggie about administrating an organization and the art of fashion.

Early sketches of the characters but turned out too complex or having a personality that did not match the original concept.

Fashion Designer's Studio Isometric (Mr. Augustus Leroy is a perfectionist so I decided to make the interior design contain more straight lines with some round shapes to break the monotony of the linear aspect). Done using SketchUp and Photoshop.

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