Furokaze - Japanese-themed Platformer

Furokaze - Japanese-themed Platformer

by alpiacere on 29 Jan 2020

Final semester student project at NAD-UQAC. While this only shows the visuals of the environment, it was made by a multi-disciplinary team of 7 and is a fully functional first-person platformer game. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RUO0F6I4DcgQLtjj1ejPjJ8WM3aJ9D6w

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Furokaze was a Japanese-themed platformer game I had worked on in a multi-disciplinary team of 8 during my last semester at NAD. We were two on the environment. I worked mainly on the rocks and trees as well as small clutter props and their placement. My environment art teammate Gabriel Blanchard took care of the pagoda as well as the big vistas. 

A prominent challenge we had was the constant struggle between the level designer wishing for a fast-paced, thrilling game and us, environment artists, wanting to create a memorable environment that could be enjoyed by the player. Much emphasis had to be put on creating visual cues that were visible and easy to understand to guide the player through a linear level while still making the scene feel open. 

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