Abandoned Train Tracks

Abandoned Train Tracks

Ray Vanderhaegen
by rookieray on 22 Jan 2020

Abandoned Train Tracks. Made entirely by myself over the course of about a month. Everything was hand modelled and assembled. Large foliage items such as bushes and trees were created using Speed Tree and models created in 3DS Max

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Abandoned Train Tracks!
Made by myself over the course of about a month. I used gametextures.com for the bushes and bark. The rest is all original work.
Speed Tree was used for trees!

I tried to present different lighting scenarios to really show off the PBR materials and the flexibility of my work.

This shows one of the substance graphs, the simple top blend material I setup in UE4 for the moss and shows my super basic landscape that was made in world machine.

This shows off my materials and assets and here you can also see a quick breakup view of the rails!

Above you can see my very first blockout, my reference for the mood and then the final scene.

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