Raijin Stun Rifle

Raijin Stun Rifle

Mateo Linares
by mateolinares on 16 Jan 2020

This is a redesign of the Tikhar rifle from the Metro series, incorporating a melee stun gun attachment. The gun was modeled at 60k polys in Maya/ZBrush, rigged and animated in Blender, and brought into Unreal Engine. The environment was created for a previous environment project.

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First person animation test in Unreal Engine, attempting to demonstrate the look and functionality of the model in a AAA quality game. Rigging and animation were done in Blender, and the environment was created by reusing assets from a previous project.

Base model at 60k tris modeled in Maya and cleaned up in Blender.

Material created in Substance Painter using a high poly ZBrush sculpt.

Concept design I photobashed together based on Ilya Tolmachev's concept for the Tikhar rifle in Metro Exodus.

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