Potion Panic - Character Design

Potion Panic - Character Design

Nikki Rose
by cosmokki on 10 Jan 2020

Character design for a local-multiplayer prototype myself and 5 other students made at Norwich University of The Arts.

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Potion Panic is a local multiplayer party game made by myself and 5 other students. It was part of a university project to make a game prototype based on the theme 'tiny worlds'. My team member Emma Haephrati initially came up with the character design, and when we decided to expand into a 4-player mode; I iterated on the original design to create two additional characters.

Just like with the original 2-player characters, the idea was to create two additional characters with the same aesthetics so they could be 2-player teams (good witch and bad witch). These colourful witch characters are little bird-like creatures we called 'snoots' (because of their long noses!) who are brewing up a crazy potion. The player that puts the most of their items in the cauldron and gains the most points wins!

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