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Pirate Black Market
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Pirate Black Market

Ken Bock
by kenb on 7 Jan 2020

This is the piece that I am currently working on. I wanted to really challenge myself, take on a larger project and a full game environment within UE4.

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Update - 8 Jan 2020

I started this project recently so I'm going though and now putting up what I have so far as my progress. So please pardon the rough screenshots in UE4 below. Again I wanted to push myself on this piece so I decided to add two additional areas of my own idea/design. I figured if this was a market hidden away it would need some type of entrance for buyers, a type of shipment entrance or backdoor where they bring in all of the product and they're pirates so you gotta have a place for them to eat and DRINK! haha.

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Update - 7 Jan 2020

I chose Pirate Black Market by Jourdan Tuffan as my jumping off point. I really love his style with this environment and the mood that he really scored with it.

I went ahead and created a color Pallet along side his various concepts and a mood board as well. (Seen Below).