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World of Warcraft Inspired Environment
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World of Warcraft Inspired Environment

Victoria Zeilenga
by vzeilenga on 26 Dec 2019

This is an environment I made in the World of Warcraft style. Ill be working on this more until January!

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Update - 24 Jan 2020

Rearranged the scene, added more stuff into the foreground and midground.  Adjusted the color pallate in photoshop. Added mountains to the background. And also retextured the stove asset and the building asset.

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Update - 16 Jan 2020

Ive retextured about half of my props! I brought them into zbrush, made high poly models, then baked and painted in substance!

I also made a second grass texture to add dimension to the ground, and god rays because they make everything look cool and finished

Update - 10 Jan 2020

I've made a LOT of changes since I last updated this, and its looking better than ever!
Changes I made:

*new tree models and leaf textures
*decreased saturation of all grass textures
*made the bread sign more prominent 
*fixed shadows that were much too dark
*added mountains to the background to give the scene more dimension

Next up is to update all prop models by bringing them into zbrush and creating high poly models

Update - 28 Dec 2019

Ive added some barrels to the foreground, fixed some light maps, Made the roof more Warcraft-esc, and tweaked the stone oven texture slightly!

Update - 26 Dec 2019

This environment is World of Warcraft inspired. The goal was to make the scene look like it is from the region of Tiragarde Sound!

This is the environment (WIP) as of today December 26th.

And here are all of the props I have made for the environment!

Following some critique I have made the following changes to my scene:

Softer Shadows
A color pallet more in line with the region in WoW
Better lighting

I have also changed the foliage to match a reference I have.