Castle scan project - wip
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Castle scan project - wip

Mikael Andersson
by mikaelandersson on 3 Dec 2019

I got the chance to photoscan inside a Swedish castle, I decided to make it into a personal project where I'd create a room from various scanned assets. This is a progress post

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Update - 3 Dec 2019

I got the chance to photoscan inside a castle here in Sweden, so I decided to make a photoscan project where I'd build a new room from various scanned components that I found in the castle. This was to learn a few new techniques and workflows which I have been curious about. This is sort of a blog to show my progress so far as I must take a minor break to focus on other things.

Below are some of my current scanned results and workflows :)

The ceiling below was a difficult object as it was an incredibly large object. I decided to scan 1/4th of the object and then divide the scan into 9 separate pieces as 48gb ram was apparently not enough for larger pieces. I then used various voxel, mirror, merging, optimization and attribute project features in Houdini to piece it together into 1 object with the decorative babies preserved and oriented correctly. 

The texture still needs a bit of work

Here are some more scans that I plan on finishing. You notice that some of the scans have almost perfect circles and that's become I managed to set up a turntable, I then utilized Nuke's keying and color correct features to mask out the object and grade imperfections between shots and fix the color bleeding from the backdrop.

I also took a stab at creating some useful tools inside Houdini

-The first is a tearing effect which I'll apply to certain wood surfaces.

-The next is a trace tool that extrudes an atlas and applies some displacement, then optimize, uvmap and place them all at the center.

-The last tool is designed to grab those traced objects and placing them along a curve with variability. 

Some images from the castle, Richard Stenlund helped with some of the shooting and we also tried out 360-degree scanning with my Theta camera. Thanks for reading :)

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