Eclipse Cafe

Eclipse Cafe

Jake Tanzer
by tanzer on 2 Dec 2019

A personal project I worked on for my portfolio. Based of the Kaizen Coffee shop located in Bangkok - designed by space+craft.

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Sometimes when creating images its easy to lose the subject as the focus within a scene, especially when creating an inner city exterior shot. For this project I wanted to create an accurate representation of life, while still framing the building as the focal point. I achieved this by blocking out the outer edges of the frame with trees, I also made sure the interior was well lit to emphasise the feature inside. The majority of the people in the scene are facing towards to building to guide the viewer's eye.

I relied heavily on Itoo Software’s Railclone for this project. It was especially helpful for creating the wall feature as it allowed me to run a selection of slightly different bricks I’d modelled through a random generator, I then applied a random materials generator to these bricks so that almost every brick would look slightly different. This allowed me to create the level of realism I was aiming for.

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