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Aurélie DURET
by sveut on 1 Dec 2019

Personnal project I started working on in October 2019. Based on the amasing Serge Birault concept, I decided ton work on a 3D version of his barbarian princess pricilla ! First time for me to work on a character from a concept made another artist.

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Update - 9 Dec 2019

STEP 6 : First try for the hair / pilosity | Premiers essais pour les cheveux / poils

In the last update, I posted a first try of rendering. I was able to work hair in Houdini. First time for me that I work the groom in this software and I like the rendering!

The way to work the hair in Houdini is really great and non-destructive! I was able to easily go back and forth between my guides and my final report. Renderman integrates very well with Houdini for hair rendering too!

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Update - 4 Dec 2019

STEP 05 : First try rendering with Houdini

In my last update I showed you the texturing of the character and props in Substance Painter. Now, I'm doing rendering tests in Houdini. Software in which I decided to work to improve myself.

This is the first rendering test I do in Houdini with Renderman. Usually I made my renderings in Maya. I must admit that I find the renders Houdini really great compared to Maya (using Renderman). The management of the SSS seems to me more right in Houdini too. The rendering time is much faster too.

Update - 1 Dec 2019

STEP 04 : Texturing in Substance Painter 

After having published an update about the rig & the simulation of the animation to create the clothes, now I work on the texturing of the character and props with substance painter. It's quite complex for me to think texture that does not stick to realism. I learned the realism and I try to detach gradually to work stylization.

Update - 1 Dec 2019

STEP 03 : Rig & Skin + Marvelous Simulation for the Cloth

In the last update, I posted the retopology of the models as well as their unfolded UV.
Now place the "rig". I make a very basic rig and a very basic skin to animate the character.
I will import the animation alembic in Marvelous to create the clothes next.

At first, I rigged and skinned the character.
Then I added some keys, 50 frames later, to simulate the movement of the character.

Then, in Marvelous Designer, on the T pose I worked on the clothes.
And when it was finished I simulated the animation of the cloth to match with the final pose.

Update - 1 Dec 2019

STEP 02 : Models retopology + UVs

The retopology of the models was not done in the same way for each one.

For the sword, the unicorn and the shoes of the character ==> Retopology made in Maya with the QuadDraw tool.

For the character ==> Retopology made with 3DWrap in which I imported a mesh with a suitable topology that I had created earlier. Then, I "wrapped" this mesh on the exported Zbrush sculpt.

Update - 1 Dec 2019

STEP 01 : Concept and Sculpt with Zbrush

I recently came across a concept of Serge Birault that represented a girl disguised as a princess, with a very severe face, who had just beheaded a unicorn.

I found the stylization of the character and what it represented really great! That's how I started scultping in Zbrush based on this reference.

I decided to reinterpret a little the unicorn and the project in general not to make a copy of the original concept.

At that moment, I had the idea to make this unicorn head, the head of a stuffed unicorn toy with a "fabric" rendering.

The sword was very fast to model in Maya, I immediately worked with a suitable topology to go faster when unfolding UV.