Baby Yoda - FanArt Process
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Baby Yoda - FanArt Process

Ronald Nascimento
by ronald on 22 Nov 2019

This hype takes me.. I bet like everyone. This is a little of my workflow to real-time and CGI projects.

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Update - 22 Nov 2019

Baby Yoda - FanArt

Welcome everyone to the processes of this little project that is in big Hype at the moment.

This little cute gremlin.. kkk Baby Yoda of the TV Series Mandalorian of the new platform of streaming Disney Plus. This my part in the hype.. I don't know if I'll use this one in a workflow of real-time or to use in other renders.

Every idea of a project has to have a place to start, for me almost all the time the first place.. excuse batter the software is Zbrush. :D

Here i make the first sketches of almost every part of the process when my ideas are solidified and some parts ask to be refined in other software like Maya, Blender, Houdini etc.. Some peoples can make a complete project inside Zbrush, but my skill in ZBrush doesn't allow me that now. To this process, I sculpted the body, clothes and the baby crib in ZBrush the organic parts still are in ZBrush. But the cradle I had to bring to other software, in my case, I used Maya to refine it.

Next down you will see a little of the sculpt of the first pass of the body and some prints of the Cradle.
And some prints inside the Maya too.

In this part of the process, i decide to finalize the cradle to have more freedom to focus only on the baby Yoda. So i refine all the parts of the cradle and made the retopology too and open the UVs, to cradle I use just one Uv set. To make the bakes i use the Substance Painter make some initial shaders and texture, stop here and I saved the process.

To the cradle, I stop here, for now, bring to Marmoset Toolbag just to feel the light and shaders.

For the moment this is everything. Soon as possible I'll bring more news.

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