Stylized Medieval Hatchet

Stylized Medieval Hatchet

by bs3d on 21 Nov 2019

This Is A Quick Model I Worked On And Learned From For About 3 Days, Was Pretty Fun To Do. I Really Just Wanted A Better Grasp On Texturing In 3D For Basic Textures And I Believe I Achieved That Goal. Next Time I'll Go A Little Further And Do A Little Better. I'll Do That Over And Over Until I Become A Great Texturer!

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Take A Look For Yourself Please!!

A Good Look At All The Angles!!

A Prime Example Of How NOT To Paint Stylized Textures(The Wood). Honestly, My 2D Skills Are Non-Existent And So Are My Organic Skills!!! So Yay You Get To See My Work At Its Worst XD.  I Did Decide To Revise The Texture For The Wood, Which Is What You See Above So Thank God Lol. That Pretty Much Saved The Whole Model XD.

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