The making of my showreel
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The making of my showreel

David Domingues
by daviddomingues on 7 Nov 2019

I'm making an animation showreel. I'll post the progress as I go along.

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Update - 2 Jun 2020

I've been focused on life and not been able to get much done. Hopefully I'll be able to focus more of my energy on making my show-reel better

Other quick robot animation. Made in April.

The current state of my show-reel

I'm making a spy sequence at the moment. 

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Update - 7 Nov 2019

Animation Showreel

I'm making an animation showreel and here I'll be posting the process as I go. I'm open to feedback! I want to improve my skills as much as possible.

A quick test of the robot rig. It was very fun to animate and it reminds me of Love Death + Robots. Maybe I'll animate something from the show. So good. 

The rigs are from CGCookie and the Blender Cloud.