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The Package

The Package

Virginie Pellet
by virginiepellet on 3 Apr 2020

Here is the result of the final project of my second year at Esma! It was really challenging as I had to handle every aspect of it on my own (except for the character modeling and rigging).

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I had to create the facade from concept art to rendering as well as imagine a story that could happen in a few seconds. Then during a month of production, we had to animate a character (which we got from Esma, mine is the one in the short movie " La boite " : , we only had to texture it ) and to render the whole thing, composite it and edit it.

I really enjoyed animating the facade to make it lively, as well as rigging the objects. Sound editing was also a lot of fun!

you can find the breakdowns of the house here :

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