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RX-01 Gundam

RX-01 Gundam

Matteo Antoniella
by mant on 31 Oct 2019

Texturing Project

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This is the project I did for my advanced texturing for film term at TTO. During this project, I had to texture a hero asset provided by ThinkTank. I wanted to dress this guy with a Gundam vibe style. I started collecting references to build a proper concept and visualize what kind of materials I wanted to produce.

I had to UV's this guy and thanks to the good work done by the modeler, I was able to go straight forward through the process. After that, I had to bake all the supporting maps (like Ao, Curvature, Thickness and so on) using Substance Painter, Mari and Zbrush. I finally started the texturing process in Mari, beginning from the masks building: wear mask, dust mask and oil mask. This is the most important part of the preparation stage because I used these masks to bring to life all the maps. Then I moved on the diffuse and I used it as a base for all the other maps, coming back to masks constantly to tweak the final.

Thanks for your time

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