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"Clever Girl"

"Clever Girl"

George Adams
by georgeadamsart on 1 Oct 2019

Creature concept art from my work experience at Framestore.

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"Clever Girl"

Creature concept art from my work experience with the Framestore Art Department earlier this year. The brief was to design a gigantic swamp creature.

Above: Initial sketch sheet (left) exploring creature designs influenced by reference gathered (centre). Straight away I loved the creepiness and shape of the sloth and imagined this giant creature skulking its way through the swamp forest on awkward elongated forearms so decided to push this design further (right). I explored more human/alien faces and more lizard-like ones whilst introducing some feline features, also playing with the idea of the creature being tangled in swamp vines and flora that had started to grow and develop atop its back. The Framestore team liked the idea of the frogspawn on the creatures back so this would stick with the design as well.

Below: Here I introduced Zbrush into my workflow after advice from the team, sculpting a basic bust and painting over in Photoshop using photo textures such as crocodile scales. At this point I wanted to add some character/personality to the creature, making it sentient and creating opportunity for interesting dialogue between the creature and our hero. I then modelled the entire creature inside of Zbrush and posed it, using this as a base to develop the creature further.

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