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Lovely zombies
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Lovely zombies

Anna Tofa
by hallelujah on 11 Aug 2019

My personal project

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Update - 18 Aug 2019

Hey there) How are you doing?)

I was going to put an update few days ago but got distracted and will show how. But first things first - i've changed my zombie girl - she doesn't smile anymore :-I, has a bit better body and hands, better base hair shape (or worse? comparing pics now i think i need to correct some stuff), also I made a color sketch, nothing fancy, just to look - models look waaay different with the texture.

I've added fibermesh eyelashes, still want them to be big, keep it stylized, such as blush on her cheeks - separate half transparent mesh - trying new things, while watching a lot of zbrush livestreams - that's the best!

As i was saying last time - i was working on the environment as well, so one of the assets  is this staircase and the railings. Railings will be metal, copper to be specific, like sort of bended pipes. I made 3 stlylized wooden steps so i can use it later for the bake, really looking forward for it but will start later when i finish with the scene.

This is a WIP of the greenhouse, misses a looot of cool stuff still but it's going to be cool) i hope) The guy from UE4 is for the scale reference ;)

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Update - 11 Aug 2019

Hi! I`ve started a new project  where i want to make this lovely couple i`ve sketched =) My husband always inspires me, so it's a bit about us but in a zombie way ;D

Im going to make both boy and girl + a giant greenhouse for an environment. It will go to my portfolio)

I began with the girl and now i`m already seeing my mistakes which i will be correcting - the smile for starters - she should have more neutral expression.. I want the body to look as simple as possible, cartoon style, so i'm trying not to pull out muscles too much - she has to be a lovely sweet girl, a bit fragile)

The hair i will be doing  in Maya - in zBrush i just made a base shape so i can understand more. Also i tried to play with fibermesh but seems controlling curves will be a bit easier, we'll see. Anyway before that i need to retopologize this.

As you can see i was trying to make cloth more believable without any simulations, just by sculpting, oh my that takes time but i guess it looks ok. Later i want to add microsurface ^_^

I also made a veeery simple rib cage for her, so i can rip a bit the body >:) + it will come in handy for the boy)