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Nusar3000 Belt plate

Nusar3000 Belt plate

by CarmineSimone03D on 21 Jun 2024

It’s a project inspired by the Nusar3000 artist’s album, created using Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Substance Painter, and Adobe Illustrator. They want to recreate a weathered belt buckle from the desert and time

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When I listened to Nusar3000’s album, I immediately thought I had to do something to pay homage. I reflected on it and decided to combine my passion for graphic design and lettering with my passion for 3D. So, after some testing, I chose to create an antique plaque that would honor the mood of the album itself.

First, I manually designed the lettering and the entire project. Then, I traced the lettering using Bézier curves in Adobe Illustrator. After that, I imported an SVG for the base and created an alpha channel with the previously traced lettering

Manual Design Phase

Traced Lettering


For the texturing, I took inspiration from the plates placed on belts, imagining them weathered by time and the desert, the setting of Nusar3000’s videos.


Without Texture

This is the process that led me to create this project. I hope you like it, thank you for your attention!

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