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Buddha mask: 2D style texturing

Buddha mask: 2D style texturing

Gennaro Dima
by GennaroDima on 19 Jun 2024

inspired by the latest animation movies such as: Puss in Boots and Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles, i created this painted 3D asset that tries to resemble the feeling of those movies.

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Buddha mask: 2D style texturing

Hello, today i’m publishing a new project of mine. This time i wanted to try out something new. Since lately i’ve been watching the latest animation movies, like: Puss ‘n Boots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, i wanted to recreate that painted style for this assett from: Artruism Digital.

The process behind wasn’t very difficult but quite time consuming:

First things first, i created a custom channel into substance painter, to which i put the world position normal into. I then applied a paint sub-layer into it and started painting by color picking the normal colors, giving that paint effect.

I used this method because by color painting the normals you can see the brush strokes even when the lights change direction, giving it more life and becoming more dynamic. You can see it in this turntable i made:

After that i just painted the color layers, by making variations with lighter and darker and still using brushes with a paint effect. When everything was done I converted the normal object space to normal tangent space and put everything into blender. I added grease pencil to outline the asset and rendered it!

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