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The Spacewalker

The Spacewalker

Gabriele Albonico
by AKAGheb on 18 Jun 2024

Hello fellas! Here's my second project made during my journey in Skyup Academy!

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Hi everyone! Happy to share with you the project I made during the second module in Skyup Academy, dedicated to photorealism. Hope you like it!

For this project I've been able to learn different aspects of the pipeline such as modeling, texturing, shading and lighting.

The first and really important part of the project has been the study of the reference I've been given: I've gathered all the informations and images I could find about the model, including different views and angles.

Once gathered all the references concearning the miniature model developed by the company Hasegawa, I started the blockout modeling and the camera matching in Maya.

Here are some phases of the modeling: once I've got to match the camera with the blockout, I started modeling the legs, then the main body with all the accessories.

The cockpit was the last part I've modeled and it ended with the importation of the pilot that I've sculpted in ZBrush.

Once completed the modeling and UV phases, I started working on textures and shading in Adobe Substance Painter.

I started with the first metallic layer of the model, then I proceded applying the other layers with physical accuracy.

Once obtaind the base color I needed, I started working on the "roughness" channel.

I've completed the texturing and shading with the "height" channel and used displacement in order to give some more depth to the model.

Once imported the textures back in Maya, it is time for some camera and lighting tests!

Here's some final renders!

The first one had to be as close as possible to the main reference I've been given, after that I decided to try different angles and lights in order to represent the sci-fi vibes that the model gave me.

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