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A stylish purple dress

A stylish purple dress

Dario Bruni
by dariobruni05 on 17 Jun 2024

The recreation of a concept of a dress made at Skyup Academy.

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Purple Dress

Hey there! Here's my new project made at Skyup Academy during the module dedicated to Marvelous designer. Hope you'll enjoy it!

For this project we had to make a perfect copy of a dress found on the internet. 

01. References

Right underneath you can see the image of the dress I had to recreate and all the references that I've gathered during the project. This step was crucial mostly for the total comprehension of the materials the dress was made off.

The references


I made the modelling almost entirely in Marvelous Design. Regarding the little white decorations on the dress, I chose to do them on Maya, right after the creation of the fabrics of the dress and after putting it in the pose I wanted.

These are the decorations made on Maya.

03. Texture

Once the modeling was completed and the project has been posed, the next step was texturing, which was the most complex phase of the project. Firstly, I imported the dress into Substance Painter to create a Roughness map and a Normal map, then I focused myself on finding a good amount of sheen and proper seams for the dress.




Final result

Here there are my UV's of my dress.

04. Lighting

We're getting closer to the end of the project when we see the work I've done for the lighting. I chose to create a very simple lighting in order to make the shapes, the colours and the tones of the dress as clear as possible. 

Reference for lighting:

05. Rendering

At last, we move to the final renders. It's been pretty tough to complete this project due to the fact that I was absolutely ignorant regarding the world of fashion design and dresses. After some trials I can consider myself satisfied.

Thank you for your attention!

I'd really like to thank Skyup Academy for the teachings.

If you'd like to see more artworks like this you can follow me on Instagram and Linked-In from the following accounts:

Instagram: dario_bruni_art

Linked-In: Dario Bruni

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