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My personal project

My personal project

by GiovanniDemo3DArt on 16 Jun 2024

This is my second project done during the cgi masterclass at Skyup Academy.

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This is my personal project, with this project the production of an asset was simulated. I managed all aspects of the project, modeling, uv unwrap, texturing, lighting, rendering and post process. So I am pleased to take you along with me in the making of this project.

Let's start with the references!

It all started with looking for reference. The project assigned to me is a model made by Nohkunho a really good Korean artist. Fortunately, I did not need many references having found the four main views I just searched for images of other similar models.

Let's start modeling!

Having the references, I started modeling in Maya. I approached the model in a different way than usual. I did not do a Blockout of the whole robot and after that I went and added the secondary and tertiary shapes but , rather I modeled piece by piece getting down to the secondary details. I did this because a lot of the secondary shapes helped me figure out the dimensions and distances from the parts, which was very helpful since I did not have a blueprint so I had to model by eye.

In the concept given to me there was also a base plate that I modeled, and aboard the robot is a model of a soldier, as well as what looks like a bag of supplies in the back. For organic modeling I used Zbrush, using first a basemesh of a human I sculpted the clothes, the sack and his distinctive face. The model done in Zbrush was high poly, I then created the lowpoly model in order to do the Uvs and later map baking.

Uv unwrap time!

With the modeling finished, it was time to do the uvs, this part was quite difficult, not because of the uvs themselves but because having to do the uvs I found problems with the modeling that I had to fix in order to unwrap the model properly.

Let's bring the model to life!

With UV finished, it was time to bring the model to life with the texturing part. I started by giving 4 materials on Maya, one for the whole robot, one for the headlight material, one for the baseplate and finally one for the little man. I did this for easier handling in the shading phase.

After dividing the mesh into materials I imported the models into Substance painter. I then started to create the materials by first thinking about all the different color layers to have enough variation, then roughness using those color layers to have uan consistent roughness variation and finally I thought about normal and height to break up the speculars even more.

I then added layers of both dirt, rust, and dust that was painted on the model and layers of actual dust and dirt.

Finished the texturing part , I exported the textures I plugged them into maya and started to put the scene together.

I then downloaded some rocks to do scattering on the baseplate with Vray scattering tool. I also downloaded some grass since that was also present. Finally I adjusted the textures of both the rocks and the grass to get as close as possible to what I was seeing on the main reference.

Let's light up the scene!

Done the camera matching I started to add the lights trying as much as possible to get the ones in the reference right. To help me figure out where they were placed in the real scene I looked at the speculars and shadows.

Happy with the lights I started to do the renders, I decided to do 3 views I found of the original model and then 3 close up views for details. Finally I did turntables with both the material and the various texture passes.

This concludes the presentation of my personal project,  if you have reached this point I thank you for your attention and I hope it was interesting. High five and comment if you want, also the feedback is welcome. See you at the next projects.

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