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The Royal Warden

The Royal Warden

Nicola Pellegrinelli
by NicolaPellegrinelli on 14 Jun 2024

I'm so excited to share my personal projects made in CG masterclass at SkyupAcademy. For this project i made from zero to final renders starting with a concept assigned to me, I hope you like it.

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For this project of photorealism course I was assigned a model from the Warhammer 40k universe, a Games Workshop brand, and the character is a commander of the Necron army: The Royal Warden.
Let's see the final results first

First of all, I was given two references for the creation of my model: I studied one to define the main pose and the other for the materials and colors to use.
Starting from this, I began researching to find additional references, both for studying the model's shapes and for selecting the materials for texturing. Knowing the character, I was able to find numerous models and useful cards to explore its forms in depth from every angle.

Next, I started with block-model in Maya to study its spaces and shapes, then I continued by modeling the character in A-Pose to make the most of the symmetry, then I posed it based on the block.
I worked on the character and the gun "Gauss Blaster" in two separate files before posing them.

After the modeling phase i export the project for the next software: Substance Painter to texturing my character. I used the references founded to make my model as realistic as possible, but maintain a miniature-like appearance.
To create the symbols on the chest and collar, I made black and white maps in Photoshop and then added a displacement in Substance while keeping the mask.

Texture the model

Let's see how much my character has changed from the modeling in Maya to after adding scratches and wounds with displacements in Substance Painter. 


To render this project, I used a dark green backdrop to emphasize the lights on the model and highlight its self-illumination, in addition to the dome light, I used a front key light and a blue fill light to give the metal the same appearance as the reference. I added a depth of field in my renders to give a greater sense of realism. In some render i put an image plane with a background to better set scene

I'm a fan of Warhammer, and this character has been a great challenge for me, approached with passion and determination to achieve a good result. I hope you liked it.

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