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Ecthelion's sword

Ecthelion's sword

Dario Bruni
by dariobruni05 on 14 Jun 2024

Hello everyone, I'm Dario and I'm a student at Skyup Academy. Here I'm going to show you my personal project made at the masterclass.

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1) Ecthelion's sword

Hey everyone! I'd like to show you this project where I approached texturing and shading. This project is the reproduction of a render made by an artist which you can find on Deviantart. His name is Horhe Soloma.

The goal of this project was to reproduct Echtelion's sword with an elven vial next to it. Both of them are located inside a fantasy environment that looks like a cathedral.  

01. Reference

Here you can see that I've gathered a bunch of references, dividing them in several categories. Some of them were for the environment, whilst the others were focused on the hero assets.


During the modeling phase I worked on Maya and I encountered one of the most difficult but interesting obstacles of the project: creating good volumes for the hero assets, especially for the sword.

Underneath you can see my UV's. As you can see, most of them are very big if you compare them to the hero assets, therefore I decided to make really small the shells that I knew that wouldn't been part of the visible section of the scene from my camera.

03. Texturing

The most difficult section of texturing, that I've made using Substance Painter, was definitely the one I've faced when I started to create metallic surfaces. Due to the extreme reflection from these surfaces of the lights , it's been really tough to create a realistic metallic material that would not damage my lighting. 

04. Lighting

Initially I thought that two or three lights would be enough for the lighting of this scene. I was wrong. When I returned on Maya, I had to insert several lights for recreating that particular mood and atmosphere. Moreover, I had to fake the blue light from the vial by inserting some blue directional lights.

05. Rendering

Finally we move to the renders, made using Maya and V-Ray. I chose to try another camera that could be a little bit more dynamic and I also made a close-up of a detail from the sword. I really wanted to show much more clearly the hilt and the sheath of this elegant but, at the same time, deadly weapon.

Thank you for your attention!

I'd really like to thank Skyup Academy for the teachings and for following me through this wonderful path.

If you'd like to see more artworks like this you can follow me on Instagram and Linked-In from the following accounts:

Instagram: dario_bruni_art

Linked-In: Dario Bruni

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