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Diorama Vespa Cafè

Diorama Vespa Cafè

Daniele Collura
by DanieleCollura on 14 Jun 2024

Here's my second project at Skyup Academy for the photorealism 3Dmodule

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This project is the result of the Photorealism 3D module at Skyup Academy, where we were given a concept and tasked with creating a photorealistic replica of it. From the modelling in Maya, to the texturing in Substance Painter and the lightning and rendering in Vray.

This was the concept I was given.


to start a new project, the first thing to do is definitely to research references

As the Vespa Scooter, was a more complex piece to model and texure, It required a reserch of details of his own.


The entire modeling phase was carried out in Maya, starting from the blocking phase and then moving on to the secondary and tertiary phases.
As expected, the most challenging part of the project would be the Vespa, for which I have already provided a turntable in the references chapter.One of the most challenging parts of the entire project, especially given my lack of experience, was certainly reproducing the sleek curves of the Vespa. nTo overcome this, it took quite a few attempts where I started over from scratch before figuring out how to tackle the issue.


The texturing phase was tackled using Substance Painter. Initially, I wanted to categorize the materials into Metallic, Non-Metallic, Wood, Glass, Rock, etc. Finding this approach somewhat cumbersome, I opted for three main materials instead: Glass, Non-Glass, and Vespa. For the Vespa, I dedicated a separate material to it, allowing me more freedom in the software since it would be the centerpiece of the entire project.


The final phase of the project was dedicated to lighting and rendering using V-Ray.

And this is it! Thank you very much for your attention, and I'll see you on the next project!

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