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Unit 008 Vandal

Unit 008 Vandal

Anna Rigo
by AnnaRigo on 13 Jun 2024

This is my personal project completed at Skyup Academy. This fantastic robot was designed by Andre-L. Huynh aka Mech Nugghets, and I am really happy to have had the opportunity to recreate it as faithfully as possible.

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For this project, we had to take care of all the stages, from modeling to texturing to the final render. The entire robot was modeled in Maya, while the pigeons were created in ZBrush. The texturing was done with Substance Painter, and the renders were done with V-Ray.

As always, the first phase of work was conducting reference research. Fortunately, I found a turntable of the model, which allowed me to study it from multiple angles. Observing various examples of robots was also helpful in correctly creating the hidden parts that I couldn't see in the reference.

For the modeling phase, I started with the blockout, identifying the primary volumes and shapes of the character before moving on to develop the secondary and tertiary details. 

Once the modeling phase was completed, I imported the model into Substance Painter for the texturing phase. 

Once this phase was completed, it was time to recreate the lighting and render the model. I created several camera angles, one faithfully capturing the reference while the others showcased the model from different perspectives. Additionally, I created some scenes with a background to contextualize the robot.

Thank you for your attention, I hope you liked it

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