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The True Wired Stereo Headphones

The True Wired Stereo Headphones

Marco Zussa
by MarcoZussa on 13 Jun 2024

Photorealism module at Skyup Academy. Once the concept is given, the final product must be as close as possible to it!

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The True Wired Stereo Headphones 

For the photorealism module at Skyup Academy I had to replicate the design of the true wired stereo headphones made by Moonshake 3D. 

All of this is my first approach to modellation, texturing and lighting :)

I used Maya for the modeling, substance painter for texturing and finaly rendered in Vray.

Let's go through the work!

References are solid and with no space of interpretation since this design is based on true components studied to be fully funcional

Modelling evolution

Let's do it realistic!

The goal was to make something realistic, so texturing and the set up of the scene were crucial.

Let's see some alternatives shots with closeup and variation.

A big detail is the fur for the earpads. With some small tweaks of the parameter a nice effect can be achieved.

Look at the fur drives preview first!

This extra view is a variation of the scene to see how the model reacts to a realistic environment with a HDRI matching the mood of the design

Lighting evolution

Technical views

Look at the clay/wireframe renders. Passes are important!

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