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Personal photeralism project

Personal photeralism project

Lorenzo Panacci
by LorenzoPanacci on 13 Jun 2024

Hello everyone, I'm happy to introduce you my personal project developed during the photorealism module at Skyup academy.

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I want to tell you about my first personal project developed during the photorealism module at Skyup academy. In this project I had to create a 3D scene from a 2D concept. This is the first time I worked on a photorealistic project taking care of it in every aspect. This has been a job that allowed me to balance my skills in different ways, modeling, texturing, shading and lighting.


This is the reference that was assigned to me. After several searches I discovered that the image was actually generated with an AI app by a Pinterest user. Because I didn't have additional concept references, I looked for similar objects. I took an artistic licence to revive several inconsistencies of the AI, I tried to remain as faithful as possible to my concept.


The modeling has been created entirely by myself with Maya. Using the subdvision surface method, including the dry leaves, except for the plants in the basket and above the tray. Next I prepared the models to texture with UV maps, during this step I had to respect an Udim Quantum and an Unit of tessellation that was assigned to me.


Finally I arrived at my favourite step of computer graphics, texturing and shading. During this step I switched from Maya to Substance Painter, it was the first time for me using it but from the beginning I had a good feeling with it. In this creation step I had fun filling the remaining materials with Maya, it was really a great challenge.


Finally to complete the scene I switched to lighting, done it in Maya with V ray. This was a really good challenge. To replicate the light I took advantage of applying different panels, using dark materials when I wanted shadows, and reflective materials when I needed reflections. In addition, I made certain light effects only on specific objects in the scene.

It was a really intense project in which I fully immersed myself.

If you have made it this far, I am grateful, and I heartily hope you enjoyed it!

Next some shots of the project

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