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INITIUM - Graphic Design - Art Exhibition

INITIUM - Graphic Design - Art Exhibition

Sandra Andreu Martínez
by SandraAndreu on 11 Jun 2024

Initium is a physical and digital exhibition where the artwork merges graphic design with abstraction and textures found in nature, conveying the sensations and emotions they evoke.

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Works of the exhibition

Project Description

In this proposal, we aim to transcend the conventional boundaries of an art exhibition by presenting graphic design as the primary artwork rather than a secondary element. The artwork merges graphic design with abstraction and textures found in nature, conveying the sensations and emotions they evoke.

The exhibition consists of five main pieces, with four unique and exclusive posters taking center stage. Additionally, a fold-out brochure is incorporated into the exhibition, which will be displayed on both sides. The brochure isn't merely an informative element but rather a more accessible and tangible piece of art. It provides all visitors with the opportunity to take home a tangible part of the exhibition, thereby establishing a more intimate connection with the artistic proposal.

The exhibition will be available in digital format through a website, allowing access to the works without requiring physical presence.


• Stimulate reflections and emotional connections that transcend the exhibition space, elevating the artistic experience to a deeper and more meaningful level.

• Aim for graphic design not only to fulfill its traditional function but also to rise to the level of artistic expression, maintaining its fundamental roots.

• Create designs that effectively convey the various sensations evoked by the abstractions and textures present in nature.

• Ensure a proper selection of images, texts, typography, colors, and graphic elements, as well as execute correct layout.

• Achieve original designs that constitute a collection of works at the level of a professional exhibition, standing out for their creativity as well as their visual quality and aesthetics.

Design Elements


The logo is the fundamental element that gives identity to the exhibition, serving as the project's brand. The typography used has been designed exclusively for the logo, allowing complete control over the brand's image. The typography must not be altered or modified in any way.

This distinctive logo is composed solely of uppercase letters, characterized by their width and carefully considered spacing. The letters are formed using straight and geometric shapes, reflecting an aesthetic defined by simplicity and precision.

The choice of these characteristics for the logo design is based on the pursuit of synthesis and geometry. This approach helps achieve a strong contrast with the images and establishes a coherent relationship with the other elements that will form the overall corporate identity.


The use of Futura Regular for text blocks is justified by the pursuit of cohesion among all elements. This geometric sans-serif typeface is suitable for ensuring proper legibility and aligns with the aspiration for synthesis, as well as the concept of initiation.


The colors chosen for this exhibition are the four CMYK colors. This choice is once again based on the pursuit of synthesis and the concept of initiation, as CMYK colors form the basis of the entire color palette.

These colors will be applied to the various graphic elements present in the works. Each photograph will incorporate one of the colors, selected according to the sensations and feelings they convey, associating them carefully and meaningfully.


All the photographs used in the designs of the exhibited works will be images of abstractions and textures from nature captured by the author, Sandra Andreu. These images require specific editing; on one hand, they should present notable contrast, reaching overexposure in some cases, and on the other hand, they will be converted to black and white with a tint of one of the CMYK colors.

The artist Toni Montaner, who is responsible for creating the texts that accompany these works, will assign a color to each image. This selection will be guided by the feelings each image evokes in him. He will also write texts based on the emotions these images provoke.

Web Page Prototype

The INITIUM exhibition has manifested not only as a physical and tangible work but also in the digital realm. In this process, all contents have been transferred and adapted to be integrated into various web page prototypes. This transition to digital format aims not only to increase accessibility to the exhibition but also to enrich the viewer's experience.

The versatility of the web page prototypes allows for a more dynamic and engaging presentation of the works, leveraging multimedia possibilities and ensuring deeper interaction with the audience. The inclusion of interactive elements adds an additional layer of participation, allowing visitors to explore the works in a more immersive and personalized manner.

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