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Emperor Palpatine(RotS)

Emperor Palpatine(RotS)

Syafiq Zainal
by Wolffeyson on 13 Jun 2024

I recently edited my old bust sculpt in ZBrush to send it for 3d printing but I also wanted to add another piece to my portfolio. So I decided to texture and render it. The older version was made for my term 1 bust sculpt while I was in 3dsense. More details below!

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Emperor Palpatine(Revenge of the Sith) Lookdev Bust 

ZBrush sculpt

The final Zbrush sculpt for the sith lord. Just left with decimating and then separating the base and bust for 3D printing. The base was a combination of his throne and lightsaber mashed together.

Two there should be. No more, No less.

Here are the 2 bust sculpts a year apart 2023(Left), and 2024(Right).

Progress shots

The old model was sculpted on top of the skull I did for an assignment during my Term 1 VFX & Animation course in 3DSense a year ago. I only got back to this sculpt in May 2024 to fix the facial anatomy and send it for 3D printing for display. I got carried away I guess. Here is the video of my progress.


I used the Revenge of the Sith version of Palpatine for this project.

ZWrap & Albedo Map

I ZWrap a 3Dscan face in Zbrush on top of my model to achieve micro details on the face. The albedo was converted to Zbrush polypaint and painted more colors there. The polypaint was then exported and further edits were done in Photoshop and Substance Painter.

Texture Maps

The Specular Roughness map(Top Left), Gloss map(Top Right), Subsurface Scattering Weight Map(Bottom Left) and Cavity map(Bottom Right) were all made in substance and edited in Photoshop. 

HDRI Lighting

Hdri and 5 other lights were used. 2 of which were aimed at the eyes and only reflected by the eyes using light-centric. This is for the highlights of the eyes.

Thank You!!

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