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Stebane Vincent
by StebaneVCT on 11 Jun 2024

End of first year project in 3D school called Husk and rendered in VRay with 3ds Max. For the future, I am considering a playable experience under Unreal Engine 5 bringing together my future creations in order to realize one of my dreams which is to create a video game alone from A to Z.

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Concept Art

water test with a small boat to understand how Phoenix FD works.

First foam/splashes test

Final foam and splash results.

rendering tests with different layers to reduce rendering time and give greater freedom in post-production inconclusive due to foam and splashes too complicated to superimpose cleanly in the environment. The appearance of fogs is also better when everything is rendered. The boat's reflection in the water was not the main problem here, as it could be solved by rendering a lighter version of the boat hidden from the camera.

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