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Creature project for VFX "Alien Rend"

Creature project for VFX "Alien Rend"

Cesar Ivan Ramirez Morales
by ceiva on 10 Jun 2024

A creature project for vfx in my journey through the Animum Creative School Master

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Creature project for VFX "Alien Rend"

In this first big project our goal was to be able to create a creature that could work for cinema both in texture and topology. I was very nervous since it was the first fit creature I had done since everything had been self-taught and with tutorials.

I want to thank the 3 tutors who accompanied me on this project.

-Pedro José Torres Trivino

-Andrés Fabián López Naranjo

-Fernando Aguilera Reyes


Textures And UV´S

Video breakdown


Concept Guttertongue

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