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Timothy Francis
by Tim0thyF on 3 Jun 2024

Quick daily story sketch. Tried not to focus on this for too long and to get something out pretty snappy, that was simple but also effective. I wanted the story and visuals to company eachother allowing you to vividly feel what it would be like on this planet

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The twin suns of Zalthar rose over a vast expanse of sand and rock, casting long shadows across the barren landscape. Inside The Vanguard, Arjun Patel glanced at the horizon, his thoughts drifting to the challenges that lay ahead.

Beside him, Luna Rivera adjusted the sensors, her keen eyes scanning the landscape for signs of life. "Another day, another adventure," she said with a smile, her voice filled with excitement.

Rece Armando nodded from his seat at the controls. "Just the way we like it. Ready for anything."

As the day brightened, the three exploration carts moved in a coordinated formation, each crew member focused on their tasks. The Pathfinder sped ahead, Luna and Rece working together to scout the terrain and gather valuable data.

Meanwhile, Orkam Thorne and Hallow Singh piloted The Excavator, their attention drawn to the rocky outcrops that dotted the landscape. "Let's see what secrets this planet is hiding," Orkam said, his voice tinged with anticipation.

In The Guardian, Sheern Patel and Captain Elias Moreno kept a vigilant watch, their eyes scanning the horizon for any signs of danger. "Stay sharp, Sheern," Moreno said, his tone serious. "We don't know what we might encounter out here."

As the suns began to dip toward the horizon, the crew's focus shifted to the task at hand. The signal from the host pillar flickered on their screens, prompting Captain Moreno to issue orders.

"Patel, take us to higher ground. Let’s see if we can boost the signal," Moreno instructed, his voice commanding.

Arjun nodded, his hands steady on the controls. "On it, Captain."

Meanwhile, Luna and Rece worked together to analyze the data they had collected, searching for any patterns that might explain the signal interference.

Orkam and Hallow adjusted The Excavator's equipment, preparing to collect samples that might shed light on the planet's geological makeup.

Sheern and Moreno kept a watchful eye on their surroundings, ready to react to any unexpected developments.

Despite their efforts, the signal vanished completely by the time they reached the top of the ridge.

"We’ve lost the signal," Fitzroy confirmed, frustration evident in her voice.

As the crew grappled with the implications of their predicament, Luna's voice broke the tense silence. "We need to stay focused. There's got to be a way to fix this."

Rece nodded in agreement, his mind already racing with ideas. "We'll figure it out. We always do."

Orkam's voice was calm but determined. "Let's not lose hope. We have the skills and the equipment to overcome this challenge."

Hallow's enthusiasm was infectious. "We're explorers, right? This is what we signed up for. Let's show Zalthar what we're made of!"

Sheern exchanged a meaningful look with Moreno, a silent understanding passing between them. They were in this together, no matter what obstacles they faced.

As dawn broke, the three carts set off, each crew member determined to find a solution to their communication problem. The Pathfinder sped ahead, scanning the horizon for any signs of the host pillar.

The Excavator followed close behind, its powerful drills and scoops ready to uncover the answers hidden beneath the surface of Zalthar.

And in The Guardian, Sheern and Moreno kept a steady hand on the controls, their resolve unwavering in the face of uncertainty.

Together, they would confront the challenges that lay ahead and emerge stronger than ever before.

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