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Magic Shop

Magic Shop

by AndreaMarco on 1 Jun 2024

This is my version of this awesome concept created by Stanislav Lunin for Room8Studio.

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Hello everybody! I present you a project with which I wanted to test my skills with stylized art, while staying as faithful as possible to the concept of Stanislav Lunin. My focus is on sculpting and hand painting textures.

All the assets were modeled from a base mesh created in Maya and given more shape and stylized touches in Zbrush. Except for the skulls of the chair and the chest, which I started directly in zbrush as they were more organic. It was a lot of fun exploring different tools until I found the ones that fit my style of work

With the retopology, I decided to challenge myself to get the poly count as low as possible in low poly. I ended up with a total of 2301 tris.

Finally, all the assets were baked and textured in Substance 3D Painter. I used a smart material as a base to define edges, cavity and diffuse. I started hand painting to add more detail and a unique style that was as close to the original design as possible. Finally, I wanted to give it a personal touch and decided to add fire to the candles using planes and an emissive, which I also used for the liquid in the cauldron. In this way, use the chandelier as the main light source.

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