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Omkelend - Unreal Engine Environment

Omkelend - Unreal Engine Environment

Alex Georgiou
by AlexGeorgiou3D on 1 Jun 2024

Omkelend - a lone male creature roaming the distant lands of North Drandee constantly battling extreme weather and rough terrain.

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Omkelend is my final project under the CG spectrum course! I had so much fun completing this project, I was responsible for Omkelend the creature and all the environment. Some assets including the small shrubs were taken from Quixel Bridge.

There were quite a few first attempts at things in this project, one of them being an animation sequence. This was a real challenge to undertake, a lot of time was taken to refine said animation in Blender. Then when it was exported to Unreal there were a lot of differences...If I had more time I could have spent longer refining it however as I set myself a deadline I wanted to make sure I stuck to it!

I wanted to create a sandstorm in Unreal Engine, so using the Niagra particle system I got to work creating all the VFX for the sanstorm. This was again a first attempt at any VFX really, so that was super cool to learn and took a lot of number tweaking!

Initially I created a blockout in Unreal engine ensuring all the proportions were correct for the character, slowly adding the assets and foliage until completion. 

Omkelend high poly sculpt and retopology

Rock assets high poly sculpts and retopology

My reference board for both the Omkelend creature and the Environment

Another first attempt was the tree. It was created by myself using SpeedTree and the leaves were animated in the unreal engine using the material graph. I found it very efficient and enjoyable to use SpeedTree and I hope to delve into it more for future projects.

Overall I am happy with the way it turned out! I think if I was to re-do anything I would have rigged the character differently and corrected the scale in Blender so the animation wouldn't of been different on export to Unreal Engine. Nonetheless that's one of the many things I learnt from the project and I will take with me in future projects.

Thanks for taking the time to get this far! If you have any feedback or questions just send me a message I will be happy to hear or answer them!

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