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Ghost Rider Concept

Ghost Rider Concept

by khaibit66 on 31 May 2024

I decided it was time to revisit an older sculpt and finally give it some texture work. It was a nice excuse to try rendering in UE5 instead of my normal choice of Marmoset. Plus, it let me play around with a beefier model with nanite.

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Ghost Rider Concept

This piece started out as an untextured concept of the character I had envisioned. The concept's aim was to blend elements of many different depicitons into something uniquely my own. Revisiting the piece allowed me to shift to Unreal 5 as my renderer (instead of my usual Marmoset) and add the fire particle effects.

Software used: Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag 4 (untextured concept), UE5 (textured concept)

I knew from the outset of the project that I would rather use particle effects for the fire instead of compositing fire onto a render in Photoshop. Looking back, I'm glad that I went this route because it allowed me to get some more practice with Niagra particles in UE5.


After roughly placing down some landmark details, I immediately started defining his skull. I knew that the fire would immediately draw attention to it and it needed a nice level of detail. With it being just a concept piece, I went straight to working out a pose and began to dial in the details for his head and upper torso.

Once I was happy with the level of detail for the upper torso, I added some surface detailing to the pants and boots. It was around this time that I also decided on the upper chain's final position and posed it in a way as to convey motion.

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