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Morsus, The Bite

Morsus, The Bite

Hannah Comstock
by hannahorca on 19 Jul 2019

Concept illustration of a great demon, Morsus, The Bite.

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Morsus, The Bite

Morsus is demonic presence who lurks within dark forests during the day while searching for farms and towns in the night. He inflicts a curse on the animals kept by farmers. Upon consuming the meat of the animal, an individual obtains his curse. This curse causes a person's muscle tissue to slowly form hard, sharp "teeth," which eventually force their way through the skin, causing agonizing pain and eventual infections. No matter how many times the cursed remove the teeth from their flesh, they will continue to grow back and will eventually cover the entire body. If there are sightings of Morsus, farmers will either attempt to move their animals away or kill them out of fear that they have already been cursed. Animals do not have any noticeable physical abnormalities once they have obtained the curse. It is said that cursed animals become dehydrated, however, the truth of this rumor is unknown.

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